Wedding Anniversary, TV Ad and Joys of Parenting

by Ruth on October 24, 2013

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Can’t believe we are already near the end of October and are just left with 70 days before we say goodbye to 2013.

October has been a great month. I am working on some exciting projects and can’t wait to share about them. This month, my husband and I also celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. We had a buffet dinner at one of our favourite places. There was no exchange of lavish gifts, but as we sat enjoying a wonderful meal as a family of three, our hearts were bursting with gratitude for God’s many blessings in our lives.

Nine years is a long time. We had our fair share of heated arguments and cold wars. But when Kenan arrived, he changed all that. I used to think that we would have more issues to argue about when a child comes along. But it hasn’t really been so in our case.

Perhaps because being parents help us to put things in the right perspective, that what we used to think was a big deal wasn’t that much of a big deal after all; that there are more important things in life that we should care about.

Or perhaps we just simply don’t have the time and energy to argue over small things anymore. After all, there are still days when I would only get about four, five hours of sleep. Whatever the case, we know that having a child has changed our marriage and lives for the better and we are feeling blessed as a family.

And speaking of being parents, we were thankful to be involved in a TV ad commissioned by the National Population and Talent Board (NPTB). I believe many would have watched the ad by now, since it first aired at the start of this month. Titled ‘Parenthood Journeys’, the ad was made in conjunction with Children’s Day and was directed by the renowned local director Royston Tan.

Our little boy made a one second appearance in the ad…

But this was the actual filming… I was just right beside Kenan… as part of the ‘props’! *laughs* I estimated it took us about 20 to 30 minutes to get some good shots.

And here’s the video if you have not watched it. Do also check out the HeyBaby SG’s Facebook Page.

Watching the enacted scenes in the ad brought back lots of fond memories and made me reflected on the joys of parenthood.

And I realized one thing – the joy of parenthood isn’t about what we or our kids have achieved. Sure, we should all celebrate the triumphs and successes. But very often when we look back, we see that the moments we savour, the joys we cherish, are actually in the small things – those ordinary, spontaneous, and sometimes seemingly insignificant moments, are the ones with the real power to touch our hearts and steal our breaths away. Such as when I hear my son tells me in the sweetest voice, “Thank you mommy, I love you the best!” when I gave him my last piece of apple, or when we play silly games and laugh heartily together, or simply watching him sleep and feel my heart bursting with love and amazement as I look into his angelic face.

This also reminded me about a conversation with a friend Ken Koh, a veteran trainer and father of one. He was sharing with me about the importance of being present, especially with our loved ones, a topic he’s so passionate about that he started the Facebook page ‘Being Present, Being Parent’ and is organizing a series of parenting workshops in this area.

He noted that often, when we are with our family, we may be physically there but our hearts and minds are elsewhere, thinking about our work and deadlines, or getting distracted by our devices that we don’t give our loved ones the full attention they deserve (I’m guilty!). When we aren’t fully present, we often miss out on spontaneous moments that could have turned out to be something really special.

I found that a very timely reminder and have been consciously putting in the effort to be present with my family. Many of my friends (and even strangers) with older kids tell me to cherish the time with my son because he will grow very fast. Now that he is three and I look back on those days when he was just a small baby, I know it is true.

What are some of your cherished memories as a parent? What are some of your awesome moments this month that you feel thankful for?

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Ai Sakura October 24, 2013 at 2:57 PM

reading with my girl, watching her sleep and seeing her enjoy her food are definitely some of the times I love as a parent. Happy 9th anniversary to you and your hubby!
Ai Sakura recently posted..Wordless Wednesday {linky party}: Joys of Parenting with Irene | Week 39My Profile


Ruth October 25, 2013 at 2:36 AM

There’s something so special about watching our kids sleep, isn’t it? Definitely seeing my boy enjoy his food too, since he can be fussy at times ;)


Susan October 25, 2013 at 9:19 AM

Congrats and wow just one year away from your 10th anniversary :) Wishing you guys a very blessed marriage, one that Kenan will grow up modeling after.

Heh, even though Kenan appeared for a second in the video, I spotted him and this is such a beautiful memory.

For me, we had a family holiday and it was great to just be with the family as we have jild memories together. Definitely a good break from work too :)
Susan recently posted..Making a stand to protect our marriagesMy Profile


Ruth October 25, 2013 at 10:56 AM

Thank you, Susan!
You’ve got sharp eyes :) One of his teachers in school also spotted him, I was amazed that she saw.
I hope to go on a family holiday soon. Planning for next year :)


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