We Made Otah!

by Ruth on November 15, 2013

in Motherhood

One late Sunday morning, after a hearty brunch chomping on prata, nasi briyani and Indian rojak at one of our favourite prata places (at Jalan Kayu), we headed back to the car park. On the way, we passed by the popular Hiang Soon Otar. The fragrant aroma was too irresistible and the husband decided to buy some. Realising that our little boy had not tried this snack before, we also bought a stick of the non-spicy one for him.

Back home, Kenan happily ate the otah. I was surprised. He doesn’t enjoy fish cake but actually liked the otah and I thought they taste very similar!

Anyway, when daddy was done with his otahs, Kenan requested to play with the banana leaves. We didn’t want to deal with the mess afterward and told him no. But he won’t give up and I could sense that it will escalate into a tantrum.

That’s when a fun idea popped into mind – we could make otah and do pretend play!

Here’s what we did:

Do you think the otahs we made looked quite like the real ones?

The only part that I helped him with is the last step – securing the otah with toothpicks (which I broke into half for each one as they were too long on its own). The paper was a bit too thick so it was hard to poke the toothpicks through. Furthermore, the toothpicks were sharp at the edges. On hindsight, I could have cut the ends off. The next time.

Kenan had lots of fun and he even created some really exotic flavours… including grapes and black sesame….. haha!

What were some crafts you did with your kids lately? Would so love to hear about your projects! If you like, share the link to your post about the activity in the comments below.


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