Moments Captured: Snippets from Last Few Weeks

by Ruth on May 15, 2014

in Motherhood

So time had flown by and it’s been almost a month since the last post. What had we been up to?

I was kept busy by a project and was feeling stressed. The very thoughtful husband came home one evening with some Hello Kitty cakes to cheer me up. I’m not a fan of the cat but his sweet gesture really touched my heart.

In between work, we finally took Kenan to Ikea to buy his first bed. I felt I’ve been a really bad mom for letting my son sleep on a mattress on the floor for so long (after he outgrown the cot). He really loves his bed… wished we had gotten it earlier.

Kenan also experienced a few other ‘firsts’:

  • Easter Egg Hunt – Thanks to a group of mom blogger friends, he had tons of fun hunting for eggs filled with goodies.
  • River Safari – We finally took him to the River Safari to see the pandas. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take the river boat ride as he was a few centimetres short of the 106cm height requirement.
  • Rainbow - we saw a rainbow together. In fact, I spotted THREE rainbows that very day on the way to fetch my boy home from school. I always see it as a sign of good things to come… and I really hope so.
  • Half-boiled egg – at last, he’s tried the half-boiled egg. He ate a few mouths and decided that it just isn’t palatable enough.

And can you see the picture of two balloons with another balloon inside each one? I came home one day after a meeting and he proudly showed them to me. He made them himself - with no help Рzilch Рfrom any adult. I was blown away. I know he loves balloons and granted that I had shown him once how to do it, but suppose it does take some talent to do it all by himself Рnot forgetting that he is just 4. He never fails to surprise me.

Like how he decided one day to memorise my husband and my mobile numbers and began calling us. I guess that’s another milestone!

Speaking of milestones, we took the boy to take photos for his new passport. Not that it’s expired but he looks very different from his baby photo. We had no problem with it about two years ago when we went Taiwan but I just wanted to be on the safe side. A phone call to the ICA came back with the advice to make a new passport.

So we took him to an old photo studio in Toa Payoh. It felt really nostalgic.¬†The studio is probably one of very few of its kind left in Singapore and is owned by an elderly man. It made me feel sad thinking about some of the things we’ve lost in our ‘progress’ as a nation.

Thankfully, there are still pockets in Singapore where one can indulge in a bit of nostalgia. Tiong Bahru is one such area. One late afternoon when the hubby was on leave, we decided to check out the PS Cafe Petit. This branch serves as a take-away booth for pizzas and wines so seats are limited compared to its other branches. That said, we found it a nice cosy place to hang out on a lazy Monday afternoon.

The month of May means the celebration of Mother’s Day. Here are some photos from this year – including the celebration in school.

What are some memorable moments for you in recent weeks?

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