Circle of Friends: A Review and Giveaway

by Ruth on September 16, 2013

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a product review. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing it; I do receive more requests than I can handle if I’m ever to take all of them up. But I’ve become more selective, firstly because of time and also as I want to only try products that I think are really useful or beneficial for me and my family.

A while back, I was introduced to the site Pout and was invited to try out the products they carry. Upon learning that they carry some products that are free of harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, I was keen to find out more and try out some of them out.

First, a little about Pout…


Pout was as a child specialty salon that gradually expanded to serve families. The inspiration for the name came from many kids’ common behaviour at the hairdresser’s – they pout. Isn’t that cute and creative?

When they were starting out, they found the market lacking safe, salon-quality products for their clientele. They researched intensively for the right products and eventually nailed down to two brands – Original Sprout and Circle of Friends.

After the salon was sold in 2012, they decided to introduce these two well-loved brands (they had customers travelling from the other end of the island to purchase the products when they were still running the salon) to the larger market.

So back to the products I tried.

I went through the site and something caught my eyes… 

George’s Swimmers’ Shampoo and Kylie Pre-Swim Conditioner – just the products I was thinking of!

We don’t swim often but as I was starting Kenan with swimming lessons, I was wondering if I should be concerned about the effect of chlorine on my boy’s hair (we don’t want anything to damage our kids’ baby soft hair ya?). Needless to say, I was happy to find something in the market that addresses my concern.

About Circle of Friends

COF offers a range of kids’ products including shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and even styling products that come in fruity fragrances. They are also sulphate-free and use ingredients like botanical and fruit extracts, as well as vitamins and anti-oxidants.

What’s more, the product comes in fun packaging for children. Every bottle features a character from around the world to introduce kids to other countries and cultures.

Our experience


We have been using the two products for about a month now, since Kenan started his swimming lessons.

It used to be that when we go swimming, he would usually end up with almost dry hair as we don’t submerge him fully into the water.

But now, when he goes for swimming class, getting his whole head into the water is inevitable.

But I’m not worried, since I’ve already applied the pre-swim conditioner on his hair before the start of class. The conditioner has a nice coconut smell that reminds me of the beach and ocean and it’s actually very easy to use. The instructions on the bottle say to spray on the hair but what I do is to cup my hand, spray into it, then apply on Kenan’s hair (not scalp) by running my fingers through it. I do this to prevent the conditioner from getting into his eyes and also in case he inhales it.

Back at home, I’ll wash his hair with the shampoo. It lathers well and is foamy – make me feel that it can do a good job washing away the chlorine. It also leaves a faint sweet smell. I was advised that because of its clarifying nature, we should not use it for more than thrice a week. We can also use a conditioner after the use of the shampoo.

In our case, because we don’t have kid’s conditioner, I would apply one, two drops of Human Nature’s sunflower oil (organic) on my son’s towel-dried hair (I use it my hair too, whenever it feels a bit dry).

Of course, I also introduced him to his new friends, Kylie and George and shared with him stories about them. He found it fun and would ask about the countries where Kylie and George live.

The verdict


After trying the products for a month, I would say they have been serving us well. They work like a double protection for Kenan’s hair against the effect of chlorine. I have a peace of mind and my boy is happily enjoying his swimming lessons!

Do you bring your child to swim often? Are you also concerned about the effect of chlorine on the hair?

Good news! You can now try the products. Mommy Café is giving away two sets of the pre-swim conditioner ($28) and shampoo ($24).

How to join?


1. Like Mommy Café’s facebook page

2. Like Pout’s facebook page

3. Share about this contest with your friends on your facebook page (or you can tweet about it too)

4. Leave us your name in the comments below

This giveaway is open only to readers residing in Singapore. It closes on  30 September 2013, 11:59pm. So hurry.

Have you joined the giveaway yet? Mommy says I get to help pick the winners!



Thank you everyone who participated in the giveaway!  We did a draw for the winner the manual way and here’s the results:


You should be receiving an email soon regarding your prizes. Hope you like the products and do share about it with your friends!

And many thanks to Pout for the giveaway!

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